Tragedy to Strategy coaching programs are for visionaries and trauma survivors who want to repurpose their past into BOOKS, BRANDS, MISSIONS, AND MINISTRIES. 

Natasha has a passion to help her clients and audiences repurpose their past and share their stories with the world. As the founder of 10 Blessings Inspiration and B&D Brand, she has combined resources from both organizations to create programs that support the emotional and business needs of survivors. Coaching and strategy programs have an ultimate goal to help clients heal and/or launch books, brands, missions, and ministries.  

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“Tragedy to Strategy was just what I needed to encourage myself to move further. Thanks Natasha!” – Tia C.

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"No better way to spend your time than learning from someone who knows what to do and how to get it done. You have to invest in yourself and I'm glad that I did." - Wendy H.

Meet Your Tragedy To Strategy Coach 

Natasha T. Brown is the  Founder/President  of 10 Blessings Inspiration,  Managing Partner  of B&D Brand, and most recently the  Chaplain  for the  We-Can-Cervive Medical Mission Trip  to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is a strategic thinker, communicator for Christ, and passionate evangelist. Natasha loves to help others thrive in their God-given purpose spiritually, emotionally and professionally. She loves to learn and teach the bible-with a focus on deliverance, and helping others recognize God in their experiences. Natasha is also a bestselling author/ghostwriter of approximately 20 books, she's been a strategy coach to over 300 brands, domestic violence survivor, advocate, and creator of the  10K Survivors Domestic Violence Coalition , and an emerging minister, pursuing a Master's of Divinity Degree from Regent University. After earning bachelor's and master's degrees from Morgan State University and Towson University, Natasha became a journalist, corporate marketer, and an adjunct professor before entering the entrepreneurship space as a marketing communications specialist and (former) publicist in 2009. Today, she uses her professional and spiritual gifts of writing, strategy, teaching, evangelism, and coaching to empower others.  Meet Natasha on Thursdays as she leads the weekly  Awakening Your Gifts Prayer-Strategy Hour  Podcast and call-in show. For event or ministry requests,  contact us.  You may also download more information below.  

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Natasha is sought after for her profound ability to connect brands to markets, from niche to mainstream. Her passion is sharing stories and sharing Jesus, while empowering survivors to thrive in their God-given purpose.

Natasha is a publisher, best-selling author and ghostwriter of over 25 books, as well as a former writing professor, award-winning journalist, and marketing strategist to over 200 brands in numerous industries with over 15 years professional experience. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, a Master's Degree in Professional Writing, and is currently pursing a Master's of Divinity Degree in Marketplace Ministry. Natasha provided strategy, communications, and campaign management for NBA and NFL athletes, Grammy-Award nominated recording artists, community leaders and celebrities, national companies and organizations including State Farm, United Way, and American Manufacturers Association. 

Natasha has written books with some of today’s leading voices in Christianity and enjoys learning about God and sharing His amazing work through her full-time ministry in business. She is a survivor of domestic violence and mentor to survivors throughout the United States and Canada. She has a heart for missions and a love for people everywhere. 

Natasha Brown is the founder and president of 10 Blessings Inspiration, a 501(c)(3) community non-profit, the managing partner and co-founder of Brown & Duncan Brand, LLC, and the co-creator of the Make Them Believers Academy. 

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Meet the 10 Blessings team on Thursdays as Natasha Brown, Daniel Bradley & Tokeitha K. Wilson lead the weekly Awakening Your Gifts Prayer-Strategy Hour Podcast and call-in prayer line. 

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