Tragedy to Strategy coaching programs help trauma survivors HEAL AND LAUNCH BOOKS, BRANDS, MISSIONS, AND MINISTRIES. 

Natasha has a passion to help her clients and audiences repurpose their past and share their stories with the world. As the founder of 10 Blessings Inspiration and B&D Brand, she has combined resources from both organizations to create programs that support the emotional and business needs of survivors. Coaching and strategy programs have an ultimate goal to help clients heal and/or launch books, brands, missions, and ministries.  

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“Tragedy to Strategy was just what I needed to encourage myself to move further. Thanks Natasha!” – Tia C.

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"No better way to spend your time than learning from someone who knows what to do and how to get it done. You have to invest in yourself and I'm glad that I did." - Wendy H.

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is the Founder/President of 10 Blessings Inspiration and Managing Partner of B&D Brand. She is a strategic thinker, communicator for Christ, and a passionate evangelist. Natasha loves to help others thrive in their God-given purpose spiritually, emotionally and professionally. She enjoys learning and teaching the bible-with a focus on deliverance, and helping others recognize God in their experiences. Natasha is also a bestselling author/ghostwriter of approximately 20 books, and has been a brand strategy coach to over 300 organizations.

As a domestic violence survivor and advocate, Natasha counsels victims through toxic relationships and partners with other ambassadors of the 10K Survivors Domestic Violence Coalition to advocate and intervene for DV victims and survivors. She is an emerging minister, pursuing a Master's of Divinity Degree from Regent University.

After earning bachelor's and master's degrees from Morgan State University and Towson University, Natasha became a journalist, corporate marketer, and an adjunct professor before entering the entrepreneurship space as a marketing communications specialist and publicist in 2009. Today, she uses her professional and spiritual gifts of writing, strategy, teaching, evangelism, counseling, and coaching to help individuals and communities thrive in their God-given purpose.

Meet Natasha on Thursdays as she leads the weekly Awakening Your Gifts Prayer-Strategy Hour Podcast and call-in show. 

For speaking, training, or ministry requests, please        send us a message. 

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About the Book

On a cold winter night, a high-profile communications consultant in the DC Metropolitan Area finds herself in the center of an attempted murder plot - with the intent to frame her for the crime. Faced with the ultimate betrayal and the greatest personal and professional battle of her life, Natasha T. Brown leaned on her faith in God and discovered 10 blessings within her darkest moments. Reinforced by scripture and solidified through family bonds and friendships, 10 Blessings of Betrayal is an inspirational journey of healing and triumph.

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars - DROP THE MIC!!!!!

By April P. 

HEART CHANGING & MIND CHALLENGING!! .... I really appreciate this book and Natasha telling her story because it has encourage me to keep fighting and to build more in Christ Jesus not just in the good times but the times when adversity strikes. I recommend this book to the masses, and not just a certain group of people but to everybody. The reality is we are all in a fight to be free from something and this book will provoke the strength within to get moving and start believing in yourself and the process.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Must Read Book

By AJ 

This book is a game changer. If you are ever wondering how to pick up the pieces and began life again this book is for you. If you are ever wondering how to increase your faith this book is for you. If you desire to learn how to apply scripture to different situations you face in life this book is for you. Young, old or middle aged this book provides direct and very transparent examples of how things can happen too quick that will change your life but as long as you have faith in God everything will turn out fine. Great writing Natasha!

5.0 out of 5 stars - 10 Blessings should be submitted to Oprah's Book club.

5.0 out of 5 stars  - Awesome tale of triumph, using God as Compass.

By Soul Sister 

Although different circumstances, the themes in this book were parallel to some of my own experiences. This book clearly articulated and validated some of the lessons it took me years to learn, and seeing those lessons captured and reinforced in a very real but inspiring way has re-energized my spirit and reminded me of God's grace and plan. Share this book with anyone who has ever experienced or is experiencing any challenges or dark times (EVERYONE), to reinforce faith and and the power of perspective.