Faith Over Fear - Beautiful Struggle


Happy Holidays?

The air is beginning to frost windows and a subtle chill is wrapping around warm bodies. Festive lights are beginning to pop up around the country and the aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla wind out of windows and right into noses. There's no denying. It's holiday season. If you were blessed enough to enjoy a tasty Thanksgiving feast surrounded by friends and family, you probably felt the love in the air! It was a day full of reminiscing and laughter. Thank God for the love! 

Unfortunately, there are people who didn't have a nice Thanksgiving feast, surrounded by loved ones. Some even pushed themselves through the motion of a Thanksgiving tradition - all the while falling apart inside. For most, the holiday season is filled with an abundance of love. For others, it's the most difficult season of the year. Everyone has fallen victim to holiday blues on a day or two. Whether you're experiencing more blue days than happy ones or are struggling to find joy this season, your 10 Blessings family is here to help you through it!

Our founder, Natasha T. Brown, wrote a prose poem in 2014 that speaks to holding on during trying times. Can you relate to this "beautiful struggle" she describes? Share your comments below.

Beautiful Struggle

The struggle of public transparency vs. public discretion.
The struggle of knowing who I want to be and what I want to do after building a life based on something I thought I wanted, but wasn't sure.
The struggle of having faith that it will all work out, when seeing no way out of (what might be) a box I am creating for myself.
The struggle of acceptance of myself then acceptance from everyone else when I want to give two f*cks about if everyone accepts me.
The struggle of confusion.
The struggle of believing in someone that no one else believes in.
The struggle of loving someone, that no one wants me to love.
The struggle of knowing the truth, but believing a lie. Living a lie. Listening to a lie. That this is love.

The struggle of being a rebellious soul, captivated in a very closed society, of being a free spirit that won't fly.
The struggle of remaining silent to spare others' feelings, of listening to them underestimate me and allowing it. The struggle of feeling defeated when I constantly win, as they would say.
The struggle of spending day after day in my own head, unable to communicate what I feel to those outside of my brain.
The struggle of not being able to get close to anyone, to trust, to feel after I've been made numb.
The struggle of wanting to move forward, needing to move forward, yet being stuck in the past.
The struggle of not having anyone to talk to, to listen, to understand. 
The struggle of seeing your dream deteriorate in front of your eyes and not having the strength, the understanding and the wisdom to save it. The struggle of fighting a losing battle, because maybe I'm fighting against God's will.
The struggle of being still but restless. 
The fear of accepting that I will not be my best.
The struggle of being an oxymoron.

Although a struggle, it's beautiful, because through my broken moments I know that God is creating an impeccable masterpiece. 

If you spent Thanksgiving alone or in the shadow of your unhappiness, be determined not to spend the entire holiday season that way. Find someone to love on - something to do. Even if it involves you visiting a children's hospital or a local family shelter and distributing gifts.It's very difficult to spread the love of Jesus if your presence is a shell of the you God intended you to be - the joy, love, happiness and compassion that God intended for all his children to embody. Life is a beautiful struggle but through it all, by focusing on the love of Jesus Christ, we can all overcome and emerge 10 times stronger than the most chiseled Phoenix that rises from its ashes. If Natasha's words have warmed your heart, don't hesitate to pass this post along. Share it with as many people you think need to hear this! If you need prayer for anything this holiday season, please share your prayer requests, here! We love you.


The 10 Blessings Inspiration Team