Day 8 of #31Survivors Domestic Violence Series - Breaking the Chains - Trina Pullum

While in preparation for her Senior year of college, Trina Pullum met the man of her dreams - her prince charming. He was everything a young woman could hope for - handsome, polite and smooth-talking. Trina fell deep in love and thought she’d found her soulmate.

The first two months of our relationship were awesome...He was a gentleman and a family man who wined and dined me.

For Trina, her prince charming couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in her life. She was vulnerable and had already experienced several hardships. To her, he was an absolute God send. Everything about him seemed to be pointing in the right direction.

He not only showed interest in me but also my son, but I couldn’t understand why my son refused to get to know him.

Suave and endearing, he quickly wiggled his way into Trina’s heart and she became a cliche - head over heels in love with a man she barely knew.

After just two months of dating, he asked Trina to move in with him, something she agreed to because of her love for him. She was so in love that she didn’t pick up on how her son was reacting to the situation.

Shortly after moving in, her prince charming quickly morphed into a bitter, angry man who didn’t have the slightest resemblance to the man she’d fallen deliriously in love with.

During this time, I had very limited contact with my family and friends. I was only allowed to go to school and work. I could not attend any functions without him.

He put on a great facade in front of family and friends, pretending that he was still prince charming, in love with Trina. When he got Trina alone, his bitter side resurfaced. Trina stayed for eight traumatizing months, enduring physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse. She was randomly beaten and even raped.

I was randomly beaten at least four times a week at times for his justifiable reasons, while other times for no reason at all. He received the most pleasure in choking me. He once stated that it gave him a rush.

Eventually, she charged criminal charges. Unfortunately, like many domestic violence victims, Trina was aware of services that were available to survivors but was afraid to seek additional help.

For a long time I suppressed things and lived in fear of being hurt not realizing this was the source of my anger and fear until I began to process my situation.

After coming to terms with her abuse, Trina began the process of healing. Today, Trina Pullum is an Entrepreneur, Vision Coach, Advocate, Film & Theatrical Producer and author. Her mission is to help women heal and grow. She serves as an Executive Officer of PullCorp Media & Business Consulting Group and as Board Chair of Center of Empowerment for Families & Youth, Inc.

Trina is the founder of RARE, Inc., an organization focused on empowering young women. Her latest book, "Breaking the Chains: From Healing to Hurting," takes its readers through her life's journey and is helping people break the chains of sexual assault, domestic violence and a number of other trials.

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