#BuiltLikePaul Teleseries is Every Thursday in September, Starting Tonight

Join us tonight for part 1 of #BuiltLikePaul hosted by Natasha T. Brown & Daniel C. Bradley.   Dial in at 8pm EST! 218-895-4502 pass: 3333#. 

This is your invitation to a powerful tele-series that starts tonight. The Awakening your Gifts Calls are designed to inspire our community through spiritual strategies, prayer and fellowship. Our September series is #BuiltLikePaul!  

The Apostle Paul persecuted Christians, and yet God still used him to plant churches, preach a message of salvation, and to write 13 books of the New Testament. Today, many of us are #BuiltLikePaul. We were once lost, uninformed and completely wrong. But just like Paul, God has never counted us out. He has a specific plan for you and for all of us... a plan that includes redemption, strength, wisdom, and PURPOSE.

Join us tonight for part 1 of #BuiltLikePaul hosted by 10 Blessings Board Members Natasha T. Brown & Daniel C. Bradley

Dial in at 8pm EST! 218-895-4502 pass: 3333#.