Day 10 #31Survivors Domestic Violence Series - Captives Redeemed - Amber Richardson

Amber Richardson’s high school years were all but pleasant. As a teenager, she found herself looking for love in all the wrong places. It landed her in the hands of her abuser.

Trying to fill a void in my own heart almost cost my life. I found myself isolated from everyone, depressed, lonely and trapped with my abuser.

Amber struggled in school, suffering from physical and emotional abuse on a daily basis. Her abuser controlled and manipulated every area of her life, preventing her from enjoying her last year of high school as a normal teenager. The abuse took a toll on her mental health.

Things went from bad to worse once I found out I was expecting. I was an abusive relationship that I so desperately wanted out of, I had also just graduated high school and I had no way to provide for the child.

Fed up, pregnant and alone, Amber’s brokenness had reached its peak. She became suicidal.

I had nothing else to lose. I was abused in every way a woman could be, fresh out of high school and pregnant with my abuser’s baby. Hopeless and defeated, I decided I would avoid my abuser at all cost.

Amber desperately wanted to leave her abuser for the sake of her unborn child, but was violently attacked by her abuser.

 My abuser violently assaulted me while I was pregnant.

 That’s when she knew she had to escape.

 I made up in my mind I was going to be free - free for the child I was carrying. I wanted my unborn child to have a chance to make it. I could no longer accept the abuse I had put up with for so long due to my own low self- esteem because someone else's life was now in jeopardy. My unborn child gave me courage I needed to leave my abuser. I didn't love myself at the time but I did love my child.

The violent assault led to her abuser’s imprisonment. At her lowest point, she found refuge and redemption in Jesus.

 Against all odds, from the abuse he suffered while in my womb, my child is healthy. Through God's grace and mercy, my miracle child is now almost 4 years old.

 It’s been close to five years since Amber escaped her abusive relationship. Her journey to forgiveness was not easy but through Jesus, she was able to forgive the man who caused her so much pain.

 I have been able to move forward with my life and forgive my abuser. I came to learn that forgiveness is power. It set me free. The only way I was able to forgive was with the help of Jesus Christ. He guided me through my journey from victim to victory. He taught me how to forgive my abuser and also taught me how to love myself for the first time ever.

At just 22, Amber is using her story to inspire others and set them free from the pain of dating violence, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse and other forms of abuse.

I try to take my pain and make it my ministry. I share my story so others may get free too.

She started a blog entitled, “Captives Redeemed”, which helps others to find freedom and redemption through Jesus Christ.

It’s about how we were once captives and slaves to sin, bondage, abuse, rape - whatever your story may be - and how we are now free and redeemed in Jesus Christ.

I love to share with others how I went from being a victim to victory through Jesus –the same God that brought me out.

Amber uses her blog to spread her message of love, freedom and redemption through Jesus after abuse and pain. She encourages women of various narratives through the expression of her words.

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