Day 7 of 31 Survivors Domestic Violence Series - "Queen Freedom"

Before she became Queen Freedom, Brittany Williams was just a lost girl with daddy issues. As a child, she suffered horrible abuse and came to fear abandonment so much that when she finally found love in one of her best friends, she was just happy that he seemed like he wanted to stay.

In the beginning, their relationship was great. Brittany thought she’d found the man of her dreams but as time passed, his love for her soured. The sweet person she fell in love with quickly became a horrible nightmare.

As time went on happiness turned to anger, hugs turned to physical abuse, and sweet words turned to hateful words that caused me to have low self esteem and I no longer loved myself.

Afraid that he would leave her, Brittany stayed in the abusive relationship, revolving her entire life around him. She was blinded by love and her seemingly rebellious actions seemed to prove it.

Throughout our relationship we ran away together and were homeless at one point. I snuck him in my house and even left home to live with his family for a short period of time as well. 

She was trapped in a relationship that would soon land her in the back of a police car. On the surface, it looked like Brittany was just another cliche wild child but beneath, she was shackled by horrid demons that seemed to follow her through the years.

After months of physical and emotional abuse, the relationship ended when a serious argument between Brittany and her boyfriend turned violent.

We got into an argument one day which was normal for us but this particular day was different. The argument didn't end. As much as I walked away, ignored, and tried to calm him down, it didn't help. We were in the kitchen when things went left. He came towards me to harm me and after two attempts I had enough. I grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

When the ambulance arrived, her boyfriend was taken to the hospital. Soon after, she broke up with him but her troubles were far from over.

He put a warrant out for my arrest and the next thing I know I found myself in the back of a police car and charged with assault. I thank God that my mother bailed me out.

When the court date arrived, her abuser never showed up. The court dropped the charges and Brittany was given a clean slate.

Brittany Williams found healing and evolved into’ Queen Freedom’, a name given to her by God.

This name means that this journey from pain to purpose is not easy but it is rewarding and will strengthen where strength, growth, and love didn’t exist before.

Today, she is on a mission to empower and uplift young ladies who have experienced the pain of sexual abuse, domestic violence and other trials. She is an author of two books and travels, encouraging women with her story, poetry and singing. She speaks from the “core of her experiences to promote freedom to all who hear.”

8 years later I am living in FREEDOM through giving my life to Christ and living my purpose which is to empower females who has been through pain and to know that there is glory after this!

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