Are you ready to create your custom life?

 10 Blessings Inspiration Board Member and Awakening your Gifts Co-host Daniel Bradley just released his book Tailored Dreams, a purpose discovery guide for young adult leaders. Learn more... 

Tailored Dreams by Daniel Bradley

Are you ready to create your custom life? 

Tailored Dreams will help you realize that you’re not a prisoner to your past, but instead, an architect of your future. As a leader in the making, this book will help you allow God to style your life, tailor-made to fit your personal passions and interests, versus falling into the course that everyone else expects you to follow. InTailored Dreams, I use anecdotes and biblical examples to challenge you, and young leaders everywhere, to break free from crowds, identify and embrace your differences, and live a life steeped in God's will. 

Tailored Dreams includes concepts that I've used throughout my career as a youth engagement specialist and community activist in Washington, DC. These techniques have changed the course of hundreds of youth, uprooting and shifting them from a life of generational poverty and cultural violence to academic and civic success. I know you’re an individual, with a life waiting to be tailored. Let me help you dream in color, and with precision, as you create a life tailored for yourpersonal success and happiness.

Much love, 

Daniel Christian Bradley