Day 15 of #31Survivors Domestic Violence Series - Arteka Robinson - Toxic Love

Arteka Robinson’s relationship started out nice and refreshing. He was the ideal boyfriend. She had no idea that he was an angry and abusive man.

He was very insecure paranoid and I think he suffered from bipolar disorder. He also was very combative every time we would go out to have a good time he would come home and start an argument.

Her then-boyfriend came from a tumultuous upbringing. He hadn’t dealt with the abuse he suffered as a child. As a result, he projected all of his inner hurt onto others. Arteka became an outlet for the anger he harbored inside.

He was dealing with demons of the past, his childhood was abusive so I guess it became a cycle. Hurt people, hurt people.

As the abuse progressed, he kept her isolated from her family and friends.

The relationship with him was basically one-sided. It was all about him. Nothing was about me.

Whenever Arteka’s abuser would throw fits of rage, he’d verbally abuse her and break things in their home. She also suffered financial and spiritual abuse.

He never had money and was unemployed so I paid the bulk of the bills. That's where the financial abuse came in.

While Arteka insisted they attend church and counseling, her boyfriend refused.

That’s where the spiritual abuse came in.

His anger was often coupled with physical violence and obsessive behavior. He choked her about 3 times and after an episode where he choked Arteka in front of his 7 year-old son, she finally mustered the confidence to ask him to leave.

This would only prove more troubling for her.

When I tried to leave, he keyed my car and stalked me. I made the mistake of taking him back. He choked me again. After that incident, when I told him to leave, he cut up my furniture and broke my glass tables. He completely destroyed my home.

During the same bout of anger, he pulled a knife on Arteka and threatened her life. She escaped her home wearing close to nothing.

I ran out of the house in my underwear. The police had barely missed him as he escaped down the back stairs…I filed a restraining order and I'm currently safe and sound.

Today, Arteka Robinson is the CEO of Liquid Burnz, a fitness program dedicated to ending domestic violence. She is also a life coach, mentor and personal trainer:

“I decided to bridge the gap between personal training, coaching and domestic violence. “Exercise 4 a Cause” and Liquid Burnz is a campaign designed to bring awareness to domestic violence and dream achievers. The mentorship project also contributes to the fight against abuse and building young entrepreneurs, self-esteem and vision.”

-Arteka Robinson, Liquid Burnz

To discover more about Arteka and her initiative, visit and follow her on Instagram @LiquidBurnz.