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Love Jones: The Autobiography of the Single Woman Dinner Panel

Before you can create a “perfect” love story with a partner, you must first create a “perfect” love story with yourself. Singleness is a gift and should be lived out intentionally and with purpose.

Join us for a buffet-style, all you can eat meal, as we discuss real issues that single women face in our journey, and most importantly how to overcome challenges to be the best version of ourselves while we are un-married.

The overarching goal for this dinner panel is to help single women understand that their is purpose in the singleness and ways to discover it. There will be a dynamic panel of successful single women who will talk through their challenges and how they have overcome them. Even in a relationship (unmarried does equate to being single), how do you maintain enough of your own identity to walk in your own purpose while you are unmarried? This question and more will be addressed during this dinner panel!

Even though this dinner panel is geared towards serving single women, ALL women are welcomed. If you are married and still would like to attend, please know you are welcomed as well.


Natasha Brown, Best selling Author, Tragedy to Strategy Coach

Lynn Orosco, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

Jasmine Jones, Author, Engineer, Entrepreneur

Samrawit Yohannes, Encourager